Ahoy, My name is Dave and I collect and play Magic Cards on YouTube.



I`ve built this card shop for my FoilArmy, where fellow cardboard cowboys who kick the Channel a few bucks a month can get access to 5th+ copies of cards I pull on YouTube. Fill out your collection, send cards to friends. Put the cards to good use. Patrons also receive a random card or cards mailed out to them. I have a $2 and $5 tier, 1 or 4 random cards from my collection will be sent to you every month as a thank you for your patronage.

Cool Beans Dave. So how do I get cards? We need details…

Alright, here’s the low-down:

  1. Sign up at Patreon.com
  2. Once logged in, Become a Patron at My Page.
  3. Login to MTGfoilCandy.com

Now that you are logged in, Here is how ordering works:

  • Patrons may place 2 orders per calendar month. up to 60 cards per order.
  • A small shipping and handling fee is applied to cover cost of shipping materials, paypal and postage.
  • Since this is a one man show, orders will be mailed out weekly.