Channel Website! First Post!

Tap, Sac. Generate 4 2/2 Kevin Bacon tokens.

First Post Peoples!

The inaugural first post..



Well ahoy people of the interwebs, welcome to the channel website. A place to post things longer than twitter that is my own, and as the meme foreshadows an expanding hub for subscribers/followers/patrons. Plus there is the bonus perk of this place being mine

So, like my Channel, I like to run an easy ship.

Dont be a piece of shit.

If I need to clarify this any further it may wind up in the FAQ.

Additionally being my own site I can host my own content in a very dynamic manner. Not only for myself but for select other allies of the #FoilArmy. I have been toying around with the idea of a forum if at all possible using the Patreon login systems as we bolster our ranks. On the subject of Patreon, my perks system will be changing over there. Once this site is launched, there will be 2 tiers of loot keys, a 2$ and a 5$. Currently, both give full access to the patron store and patron content, The only difference is one is a coffee from “Tom Hoootons” and the other is a coffee from “SturrrBorks”.ย 

Anyhow I’ll Keep this post short and sweet. I shall be back to a semi regular upload schedule with the bulk of this website work done. Stay tuned for a video on the build after MTGRNA pre-release.

Stay gravy,


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